Allmand Maxi-Power45 Mobile Generator


Maximize the power and productivity of your job site with the NEW Maxi-Power™ 45 Mobile Generator. This generator comes equipped with a heavy-duty, oversized alternator equipped for starting any motor size needed. With a frequency switch for flexibility of job site power needs, and a tandem axle trailer for greater towing capabilities, this generator will last and deliver the power you need to get the job done.

Allmand Maxi-Power45 Generator Brochure (click for pdf)


Large Capacity Fuel Tank

  • Allows over 24 hour run time at full load.

Oversized Electrical Lugs

  • Easy to connect leads (with no copper shaving).

Fluid Containment System (FCS)

  • Holds 110% of all on-board fluids

Lockable Switch/Voltage Selector

  • Consistency on jobsite, keeping it where it was set by the operator on-site.

Standard Programmable Start/Stop for Standby Applications

EFPA (Electric Fuel Primer & Air-Bleed) Pump

  • No need to bleed air if fuel runs out.


Engine Brand Isuzu
Engine Model 4LE2X
Engine Tier Tier 4 Final
Output @ Rated Speed (1,800 RPM) – HP**** 57.7
Standby Power – kVA (kW)
48.5 (39)
Prime Power – kVA (kW)***
45 (36)
Battery (V) 12
Voltage Regulation Percentage 0.50%
Amperage Single Phase 120 V (A) 108 x 2
Amperage Single Phase 240 V (A) 108
Amperage Three Phase 120 V / 208 V (A) 119
Amperage Three Phase 277 V / 480 V (A) 54
Excitation Brushless with AVR
Armature Connection Layout Star with Neutral/Zig/Zag
Insulation Class H
Integral Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 106
Runtime @ Full Load (hrs)
Sound Level @ 23 ft. (No Load) – dBA
Engine Oil Change Interval (hrs) 500
Engine Fuel Filter Change Interval (hrs)
Dry Weight (lbs)
Operating Wet Weight (lbs)
Trailer GVWR (lbs)
Height With Towing Frame (in)
Length With Towing Frame (in)
Width With Towing Frame (in)
Number of Units on 48 Flatbed
Number of Units on 53 Flatbed