Dynapac CC1100-VI Ride-On Roller


The new Dynapac CC1100-VI Ride-On Roller is a highly built ride-on roller that gives the results needed for tough job sites but also the reliability and up-time to keep the job moving.

Dynapac CC1100-VI Brochure (click for pdf)

  • Operating Mass: 5,300 lbs
  • Compaction Width: 42 in
  • SLL (front/reat) 60 / 66 lbs/ in
  • Fork Design – For fast and easy transport
  • Cross-mounted engine for best access under the hood which lowers service and maintenance hours
  • Dyn@Link for remote monitoring that saves time and money for service
High Quality Results
  • Avoid penalties and rework! Stabilize the quality of your paving and compaction jobs.
Low Cost of Ownership
  • Improve the overall profitability of your investment by reducing the costs of operating the machine while maintaining a high equipment value
High Productivity
  • Increase the productivity of your job sites through efficient paving and compaction operation. Reduce non-productive times on the job site.
  • Protect the environment. Show your social responsibility and collect on tenders that require low CO2 and noise emissions.

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Dynapac CC1100 Brochure (click for pdf)

Technical Data

Max. operating mass 7,100 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 5,300 lbs
Module mass (front/rear) 2,500 lbs/ 2,800 lbs
Speed range 0-6 mph
Vertical oscillation ±10°
Max. theoretical gradeability 46 %
Manufacturer/Model Kubota D1703-M (IIIA)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 26 kW (35 hp) @ 2800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 12 gal
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota D1703-DI (T4/V)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 18.5 kW (25 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota D1803-CR (T4/V)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 28 kW (37,5 hp) @ 2700 rpm
Hydraulic system
Driving Axial piston pump with variable displacement.
Radial piston motors (2) with constant displacement.
Vibration Gear pump/motors with constant displacement.
Steering Gear pump with constant displacem.
Service brake Hydrostatic in forward and reverse lever.
Parking/Emergency brake Failsafe multidisc brake in both drums.
Compaction – Oscillation
Oscillation frequency vpm