The Husqvarna FS7000D Diesel Walk-Behind Saw Floor Saw is Husqvarna’s most powerful diesel walk-behind flat saw with low emissions, developed to be compliant with Tier 4 regulations. Ideal for concrete and asphalt cutting up to 17 1/4″ deep. Suitable for mid-sized road work, service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates. It is highly versatile thanks to its high output, compact size and good maneuverability. It is equipped with an intuitive and ergonomic digital control panel with all important functions, and is easy to monitor.

Powerful and Productive
  • The power transmission system with right-angle gearbox transmits high power to the blade shaft with optimum torque and minimized vibrations.
Convenient transport between truck and work site
  • The blade clutch makes it possible to stop the blade when the engine is still running, for safe transportation.
  • Adjustable handlebars, intuitive control layout, easy maneuverability and low vibrations facilitate operation and reduce user-fatigue.
Low Emissions
  • Equipped with diesel particle filter (DPF). Complies with Stage IIIB / Tier 4 regulations