Wacker Neuson LTG14 Light Tower LED #5100067945


The Wacker Neuson LTG14 Light Tower LED #5100067945 is designed to provide reliable lighting and auxiliary power for rugged applications in remote or harsh environments. Efficient LED’s provide increased light coverage area and brightness and are designed to last the lifetime of the machine. The fuel efficient engine and large fuel tank allow for long run times reducing the need to refuel. Trailering the light tower to a job site is made easy by the versatile trailer which has a larger axle to provide stability on rough roads as well as a single point lifting eye for easy maneuverability.

Wacker LTT & LTG Light Tower Brochure (click for pdf)

Power Mast

  • Electric winch raises and lowers the mast with the push of button.
  • Mast can be rotated manually 360°, raised or lowered.

LED Lights

  • Rated to last the life of the machine, the durable LED lights eliminate frequent bulb replacement expense, reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Four 320 Watt LED lights provide a total of 192,000 Lumens instantaneously and increase uptime by eliminating warm-up and cool-down periods
  • Efficient LED lights extend the machine’s run time and reducing overall operating costs


  • Removable doors make maintenance quick and easy.
  • Control panel door swings open for easy access to AVR and wiring.
  • 2 year / unlimited hour machine warranty | 4 year / 4,000 hour Kohler engine warranty.

Transportation Versatility

  • Foldable tongue minimizes the machine footprint for efficient shipping and storage
  • Wide axle on trailer provides stability on rough roads
  • Single point lifting eye for easy maneuverability

Fuel Tank and Containment

  • 110% fluid containment protects the environment in the event of engine fluid or fuel tank leaks.
  • light weight, polymer fuel tank is rust proof and easier to tow and transport.
  • CSA certified for Canadian applications.


Wacker LTT & LTG Light Tower Brochure (click for pdf)

Model Variations LTG14
Length 136″
Width 76.1″
Height 78.4″
Operating Weight 2,766.8 lb
Mast Height Max. 23.6 Foot
Output Frequency 60 HZ
Generator Manufacturer Mecc Alte
Motor Type Diesel Engine
Cylinder 3.0
Fuel Type Winter Blend Diesel No. 2
Operating Engine Speed 1,800 1/min
Exhaust-gas limit EPA Tier 4 Final
Manufacturer Kohler
Lighting Appliances 320W (LED)
Bulb Power 320 W
Fuel Consumption (Lights only) 359.5 Hours
Illuminance 5 FC
Coverage Area 9,580 ft2^