Wanco WLTS-SM Economy Solar Light Tower


The Wanco WLTS-SM Economy Solar Light Tower features a compact trailer and fixed-brightness LED lights. Perfect for lighting areas up to 11,000 square feet, common applications include utility site and road repairs, security checkpoints and gated entrances, flagger stations and personal work areas. Solar light towers operate silently, which makes them perfect for use in residential areas without disturbing the public.

This light tower features four highly efficient LED light fixtures on a 20-foot telescoping tower. The tower rotates nearly 360 degrees without lowering the lights, which operate at any height. The lights can be individually aimed without the use of tools, and they stay where you point them. The tower remains vertical at all times, and the trailer’s low center of gravity keeps the tower stable.

Batteries provide power and an automated solar-based charging system keeps the batteries charged. Functions include manual control and a selection of automatic modes that include dusk-to-dawn operation. Autonomous operation is possible spring, summer and fall.

Wanco Solar Light Towers Brochure (click for pdf)


  • Bright energy-efficiency lights
  • Telescoping 20-foot tower
  • Compact trailer
  • Deploys with a single hand-crank winch
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Photocell-controlled auto-on/off
  • Silent operation
  • Battery powered
  • Automatic solar charging
  • Adjustable-tilt solar array
  • All welded structural steel trailer
  • Folding drawbar for compact storage
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Heavy-duty secure battery box
  • 7-day digital timer
  • Standard lunette ring for 2 1/2-inch pintle hook
  • 25-foot extension cable for AC charger
  • Asset Tracker for GPS location

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